Bucket List Travel


There are some trips so big… so fanciful and that we think perhaps we’ll never take.  Trips that require planning, several days off (for us grown ups), and plenty of funding to make happen.  They may be far away, extravagant, exotic, or imaginative – meant for soul searching, serious adventures, and growth beyond what we can achieve on our own soil.

Thailand was one such trip for me… a bucket list trip, if you will.  I am not sure when I first got the urge to visit Thailand… strangely enough, I think it began after watching the movie Brokedown Palace as a young teen from a small town.  The landscape, complete foreign culture, and later love for the food and people (as I aged and spread my wings), and the stark realization that Thailand was on the complete opposite side of the world sealed the deal.

This, of course, I shared with Rabbit (as I do all of my dreams), and was shocked when the response was “let’s go!”.  Fast forward to March 2019, and we were on our way to the other side of the world… to breathe the most foreign air we had ever breathed, and soak in something completely new and different.  It was one of the most exciting trips of my life.

…I’ll be sharing more of our adventures in Thailand – down to the food (which, shockingly, I learned Rabbit was not a huge fan of).  But first – what’s on your travel bucket list?  Where do you yearn to go??



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