We booked our next trip!

We have officially booked our next trip! October 2020: Disney, here we come.


We need something to look forward to.  We need the promise of a long weekend, just the two of us (and baby) somewhere happy where we can stroll, see sights beyond our neighborhood, and relax. We need to know that life will go on and we will get back out to enjoy the things we love.

It’s a baby step (it’s certainly not an international destination), but it’s us getting back out there, supporting normalcy, and planning some kind of future. It’s the idea that we will make it through this crazy time, and we will be on the other side in blue skies, sharing a magical place with our baby boy.

While we were at it, we decided to check off one of the “big three” (the resorts closest to the Magic Kingdom) resorts: we will be staying at the Contemporary! Even though it’s not the best looking resort on property (sorry, but it’s true!), there’s something about the location and the fact that the monorail goes through the main building (I’m a grown woman and still find it exciting!) that we just have to experience.

I have officially begun my trip countdown! The end of social distancing may be elusive… but I’m holding onto our October date. Time to start planning something other than what pajamas to wear 🙂



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